About Us


Nick Keblish, owner and winemaker, spent a career of over 30 years in engineering. In 1995 while working at Cherry-Burrell in Little Falls, NY, he was approached by the engineering manager with a request to take the lead on the design of stainless steel tanks for the wine industry. And, the enjoyment of wine began!

Having been primarily interested in beer at the time, he began a self-teaching effort to become knowledgeable on winemaking to better understand the needs of that industry. Working in manufacturing for so many years, he learned in order to design, you need a thorough understand from a producer’s perspective.

The company gave him an opportunity to spend some time in the Finger Lakes
region and Sonoma and Napa Valley wine country for that first-hand experience with owners and most importantly winemakers – experiences that made the difference.


A life-long learner, he began researching through various publications and subscribed to Winemaker magazine. He learned of a program in Rochester, NY for home wine makers and attended programs on a regular basis. The American Wine Society (AWS), which originated in Rochester, promotes “wine appreciation through education” and membership in the AWS opened even more learning experiences.
He and his wife, Margaret, attended many annual conferences meeting people representing all aspects of the wine industry from winemakers to growers to chefs to equipment producers.


In 1996, the basement of his home was converted to a mini lab and wine process area. He produced his first bottle of wine, Riesling. From that point, home wine production increased from year to year
experimenting with both juice and grapes. For over 20 years, he has devoted his talent to striving to produce a variety of wines especially enjoying the challenge of blending wines. His wife, Margaret,
always reminds him how important it was to pay attention to his chemistry instructors in high school.

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Nick has been the recipient of several awards at the local, state, and a national level.

He has received recognition at the state level competing at the New York State Fair and nationally is very proud of his recognition by the American Wine Society and Winemaker magazine. His New York State Fair awards include bronze, silver, and double-gold. In 2014, the American Wine Society rated a fig port wine with a double-gold. Winemaker magazine acknowledged him with a gold medal for the fig port.

In 2014, he and close friend, George May, decided to take a leap of faith and put their heads together to open Prospect Falls Winery. While George’s life ended tragically before the winery was open, Nick and Margaret decided to move forward keeping George’s dream alive. In November 2015, the winery opened with seven wines and over the past few years has produced a variety of wines.

Thank you for all the support from our family and continued support from Stephen Keblish.