Our Wines


All of our wine is made on premises at our Prospect NY facility. Available for purchase at the winery and select stores.


Cascading White


Dry White

A clean, crisp and bright wine featuring bold flavors of pear, green apple, white flower and honeysuckle with a smooth mineral finish. Pair with soft cheeses, chicken dishes, fruit and walnut salads.




Dry Red

A wonderfully rich cherry nose followed by beautiful notes of coffee and dark chocolate-covered cherries. A little pop of acidity on the tongue initially subsides into what is an exceptionally smooth warm and lingering wine.


Smooth Sailing


Semi-dry White

Satisfying swirl of light, fruity flavors and refreshing feel.  


Summit White


Sweet White

Smooth, sweet, and nicely balanced. Short finish, full-bodied sweetness. Notes of vanilla, pineapple, melon, pear. Pairs well with fish and highly-seasoned foods.  




Sweet White

Sweet, light, and bright Moscato wine. Sparkles of peach, orange blossom and nectarine. 





Semi- Dry White

A semi-dry with a vibrant floral bouquet in the nose with notes of citrus, especially limes and lemon peel on the pallet. Full bodied with an acidic Granny Smith Apple end note. The clean flavors of this versatile wine lends themselves well to fish dishes and white pastas.


All Alone


Pomegranate Zinfandel

Bring to a party and you'll be the star of the show. But you may want to keep this one all to yourself and drink it ALL, alone! All Alone is an intoxicating delicious Pomegranate flavored wine with a sweet nose of Gummy Bears (yes! Gummy Bears!) and bright flavors of strawberry jam and sweet apple juice. Hints of bing cherries and fig round out this versatile wine that begs to be turned into a slushy or wine float.




Medium Red

A unique, flavorful red with smoky, earthy appeal, hints of cherry, raspberry, blackberry, elderberry and plum. 




Dry White

Mildly spicy and delightfully dry. Perfect for all occasions.





Semi-Sweet White

A blend of wines with a bright green grape beginning and beautiful soft mouth feel with lingering notes of starfruit, apricot and honey at the back end. A fantastic easy-drinking wine.


Lean To


Semi-Sweet Red

 Drink enough of this “Adult Grape Juice” and you'll lean too. A blend conspired to create sweet mayhem with wonderful, fruity flavors of fresh, ripe cranberries and violet flowers. Super easy to drink, this may be your wine “gateway drug!”




Dry Red

A beautifully smoky blended red with an earthen nose and lovely rich but soft mouth feel. Flavors of plum and black current present early on with a caramelized, nutty finish. Fabulous for barbecues and cookouts.




Dry Red

Rich, jammy, full-body wine with soft tannins, smokey chocolate and coffee. This deep, brooding wine is a must-try for any dry red lover. Decant for full enjoyment. 


summit RED


Sweet Red

A fruity, grape burst reminiscent of a Jolly Rancher candy. Jam, raspberry, and pineapple. 




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Charlie's Liquor Store, Boonville

Delta Liquors, Rome

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