Blazing Trails

Since 2014, Prospect Falls Winery has combined twenty years of wine-making experience with Adirondack charm and local craftsmanship. We are proud to formally introduce this ancient art to the heart of New York. 


At first there were two. Nick Keblish and George May were just a couple of winemakers who enjoyed each other's concoctions and company. Over the years they bonded over appreciation of life's simple pleasures and eventually decided to start a winery.

 George May and Nick Keblish crushing grapes. Two guys having fun. 

George May and Nick Keblish crushing grapes. Two guys having fun. 

Together they bought the old ambulance hall in Prospect in late 2013 and in early 2014 began renovating the whole structure to suit their fermentation aspirations. With the workmanship of local contractors, the winery took shape. Prospect Falls Winery received their federal license in June 2014 and the New York State license was issued in November 2014, the first licensed winery in Oneida County.

The first 1,000 gallons of juice was slated for delivery in early December 2014. Two days prior to the scheduled delivery, life changed with the unexpected death of George May. With the loss of George, Nick and his wife, Margaret Keblish, regrouped to decide the fate of their journey. 

“This winery was my dream and also George’s. After much soul searching, I knew George would have wanted to continue and so here we are.”

It took another year to prepare to open. Nick and Margaret enlisted the help of their nephews Stephen Keblish and Jay Groah. The finishing touches were made to the tasting room, the first wines were bottled in the fall of 2015, the final government hurdles to open were cleared, and on November 21st 2015 the winery opened.

The Winemaker

Nick Keblish began home winemaking as a hobby in 1995. Nick, a designer by training, was working for a company that had a new project, designing fermentation tanks for the wine industry. With no knowledge of the industry or requirements of producers, he began learning about wine, yeast, fermentation, and anything related to the industry.

“I really enjoyed learning about the entire process of wine making, from the harvest to fermentation to bottling. I had a number of excellent mentors and as a result began wine making as a hobby. Now I love to not only talk about it, but share the experience as well. My retirement goal was to someday open a winery." 

Nick has been the recipient of many awards ranging from bronze to double gold at the local level, state level, and national wine competitions. Among his achievements, he was recognition by the American Wine Society at its annual conference in 2014 and also the Winemaker Magazine’s international competition.

"Wine before Wilderness"

It's not just our motto. It's our location, our offering, and our standard. In the foothills of the Adirondacks, we handcraft wines suitable for all pallets and present them in a tasting room hewn with taste, charm and character. Whether you're off to ascend the hills or enjoy other fun prospects, we are here to ensure you don't find yourself high and "dry."

Prospect Falls

Prospect Falls is the first waterfall encountered along the West Canada Creek below the Hinckley Reservoir beginning it's descent down Trenton Falls Gorge. During most of the year the falls are largely de-watered by the Trenton Falls Hydroelectric System. During springs months or during excessive precipitation, water will flow with substantial force. At peak flow the falls can stretch to as much as 475 feet in width

Wine Before Wilderness